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Znap is a range of product introduced by LEGO characterized by large latticework pieces made of a more flexible plastic than used for conventional elements. The pieces interconnect using a pin and clip system. The builder can make large creations quite quickly. It is only mildly interoperable with the rest of the product range, some pieces and beams have Technic-style holes in them which allow for connections of the type Technic Friction Pin to Technic Hole and Technic Pin to Technic Hole

Znap is not a minifig scale theme. Unlike Technic itself, it does not have any figures.

Many fans believe this was a grand experiment by LEGO to try to compete against K'NEX bricks which also features parts enabling the construction of large, lacy creations. They also believe that LEGO considered Znap a failure as the range was withdrawn within a year or two. Some Znap sets were subsequently available on clearance for less than 10% of the original price. Some of them featured Technic motors and were bought to get just those parts.

Occasionally bridges and structures created from Znap are integrated into train layouts at shows but one challenge of doing so is that different parts came in different colors, and certain key connector parts were available only in unusual colors (such as purple) making uniformly colored bridges a challenge to construct.