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The Washing machine brick (or headlight brick) is another term for Brick 1 x 1 with Headlight.

Earling Brick

Earling Brick is an alternate term used primarily in the UK.


Legend has it that this term (like jumper plate) was invented by modelbuilders at one of the model shops and is due to its similarity to the household appliance. The main features of this brick are the stud on the side and the corresponding stud-hole on the other. This allows elements to be fixed in a SNOT manner and is often used in Town sets for vehicle headlights, hence the name.

If you turn a headlight brick on its side the height is the same as two plates (or 16 LDU). You can use this in SNOT design.

Using this element

Note that the side with the stud is recessed by 4 LDU (1/5th of a 1x1 brick width or 1/2 a plate height) from its normal 20 LDU width. This makes the main body of the brick 16 LDU high (the same height as 2 plates) when placed on its back. The hole in the stud on the side is also useful for advanced building techniques such as Rod and hollow stud.