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Wow, this is waaaay too complicated for discussion. Is there a forum on LUGNET or somewhere?

Anyway I am trying to figure out how to upload a gif to the Org Template on the VicLUG page. Also I have no idea where to find the tmeplates and how to use them. I just copied the page from VLC to make VicLUG and it seems to work. I want to make a User page but there seem to be different Templates on different user pages.

First html, then ftx now I gotta learn "wiki". When will it end!

Think yourself lucky I keep an eye on Recent Changes or you'd never have got a response ;)... the Userpage template that I use is probably the most common one around here but you can put whatever you like on your usepage. To upload a gif you need to select Upload file in the bottom left of the screen and then put in the reference name in the template. Good luck and write on my user talk if you need any more help. And welcome to Brickwiki. Tim

Hi Ted, (and thank you Tim), I am just here to say sorry, but before I do that I better introduce myself. I am Merond e and I am the head of the Welcome team on BrickWiki. I haven't been on in a long time, and that is why I didn't greet you. That is why I want to say sorry, because I did not do my job as a Welcome team member and greet you. Here are some things to check out, though Tim has probably informed you about them already:

  1. BrickWiki:FAQ
  2. BrickWiki:Conventions
  3. Help:Contents

Thanks for joining BrickWiki! --Merond e



Thank you both for your help. Hopefully I can get up to speed and make some real contributions to this site. It is such a great idea I really want to help out even if in a small way.

Duplicate article

Hi Ted, I can't find the duplicate article. Could you give me a link? If it's spelt correctly and just differs by capitalisation then you should just turn it into a redirect by making the article consist of just the line: #redirectClassic Castle City Standard Tim

Capitalisation etc.

Hi Ted, the correct capitalisation should be the one from the official page, all others should redirect to it. In this case I seem to remember that we prefer standard to be lowercase (if it is not given a case on the official page) so do it that way and if I'm wrong I'll change it to be correct.

To link to a category you should use [[:category:category name|category description]]. Tim


Check your userpage to answer your Lugnet question ;) I've been meaning to give you one for ages so thanks for inadvertently reminding me. Tim

Thanks! I was actually trying to do a bit of sneaky promotion of BrickWiki. It needs all the exposure we can generate. Tedward

IP edits

I don't know but I think we should ask V. Probably talking on that IP's page may not be the best? :) ++Lar: t/

Yeah, I guess that wasn't the most polite place to have that discussion, sorry. Tedward
Nod. No worries. Anyway, we need to convene a stakeholders meeting about something (don't want to say more than that just yet)... if you had to draw up a list of names, who would be on it besides you and V? ++Lar: t/
The only other person (other than very new users) recently has been Claude Bombarde. Tedward
What about Tim G.? (and V of course) ++Lar: t/
Might be a good idea. I left him off because he has not made a contribution in over a year. That said, his input would probably be useful to any significant deliberations. Tedward
I've sent a note to you all, but I don't have Claude's email handy, if you do can you forward it on please? ++Lar: t/

crediting images

it's good practice to (for images from external sources) give the link to the actual image. I did that for one of your uploads but I suspect it was the wrong one. That upload doesn't seem to actually display anyway. You may want to take a look and fix the other mold one? ++Lar: t/

Thanks, I thought it should have a link back but I totally forgot when I was uploading it. Yes that was the wrong image and in fact that needs to be deleted (LEGO_mold.gif) as I could not figure out how to replace an existing image and just created a new one, sorry. I'm not sure about the Colour Palette as Joe emailed me the file directly. I could link to the one he posted to his blog. Tedward
Hi, I deleted [[:Image:Lego mold.gif]]. Replacing images may require an upgrade to the version of MW, not sure. It's doable on sites such as Commons. ++Lar: t/
Thanks! I think we were on the site at the same time. It should not be a big deal if I pay attention to what I am doing. I also should stop using spaces in image file names because I cannot get the retired_mold.jpg to work in the Template:ImageBox. I think the space is what is causing the failure. Tedward
Try calling "Image:Some Long Name.jpg" "Image:Some_Long_Name.jpg" in your invocation, because that's what MW does. Might help. Newer versions of MW allow movement/rename of files/images. Also, why are you not an admin? :) ++Lar: t/
I did use the under_score but it does not translate in the markup like it does in the resolution of the URL for some reason. If I become an admin I have to pretend I know what I'm doing. If you think I won't blow it up and it means I get to delete things I suppose it would be a good idea. Tedward
This problem doesn't happen on the BigWiki ... perhaps there is some configuration change? Or magic word? Adminship here flows from Venkatesh, I'll speak to him or better, we all should. :) ++Lar: t/
When you speak to Venkatesh, Lar, please include my support for Tedward as an admin.Claude Bombarde
Absolutetly! Pinging him now, copying all the stakeholders. Ping me your email and I'll forward you a copy ++Lar: t/
I don't use email for wiki related things, but no need for a copy. Claude Bombarde

Admin status

Astronouth made me a 'crat. He also asked me why I thought you'd be a good admin. Perhaps we need to have something a bit more formal somewhere (although I was tempted to just promote you). Haven't heard from anyone else yet. ++Lar: t/

Perhaps there should be a project page for proposed admins like there is for proposed standards? Nominate someone with a brief explanation and a link to that persons contributions. Wait a set amount of time for feedback (ie: one week) and call the question. Move successful nominations to an "approved" list. Or just do it like I have done now on a users talk page. Tedward
Yes. Perhaps we need to do that. We could call it the RfA page as on the BigWiki. ++Lar: t/
That approach seems reasonable. I think some criteria might be good as well (number of contributions, length of participation), to avoid wasting time on what may be frivolous requests. Claude Bombarde
Yes. Let's do it. Tedward, can you take this task on? Since you've just been made admin (by Astro...) without having to go through it, don't make it TOO onerous in your first draft :) Congratulations on that, by the way. If you need any advice don't hesitate to ask. ++Lar: t/
So, how ya comin' on that RfA page? It's only been 2 years! ++Lar: t/
LOL, good thing you remembered. I'll see if I can cobble something together. Tedward
OK, had a first go: Brickwiki:Requests for adminship Tedward

Don't forget to block!

When you see spam, go ahead and block the user, no point in giving a second chance. If we made a mistake, they can tell us on their talk page (which is why we leave {{spamblock}} on the talk page. LMK if you need a screen shot of the right settings, but here they are: ...time dropdown: indef, reason dropdown: spam, leave everything else defaulted. ++Lar: t/

Thanks, I was kinda confused as I thought Delete would remove the user entirely so I have been deleting spammers and blocking "suspected" spammers. Tedward
Hmm... Delete removes a page... it could be the user page, or the user talk page, or any page. Block blocks a user but it removes no pages. So the cleanup cycle for a spammer is ... find the damage. If it's a new page the spammer created, delete it. If it is a mod to an existing, otherwise good, page, use the "rollback" link to remove the mod but leave the page.... check the page history to see if there might be other spam in there. Then, in any case, block the user. Then create a new user talk page for that user with just the spamblock template. We probably should talk about whether we should block suspicious users or wait till they do harm. If we decide to block suspicious users, we should perhaps use a different template than spamblock, instead, make one with a caution sign saying the user name is dodgy/unacceptable, whatever... Let's discuss this further so we can get everyone's input... ++Lar: t/
I forget where is best though... ++Lar: t/
Where is best for what? --ALittleSlow
Looks like a good process. I vote to block suspicious users. After a while one can see the pattern. Once it's settled, should we collect this and similar guidance in an admin FAQ (or is there already one)? --ALittleSlow
There ought to be a FAQ but I can't remember if there IS one or not, or what it is called. Ted seems on a cleanup run, maybe linking some of this stuff better will help everyone figure out where everything is. ++Lar: t/
Yeah, trying to tidy up a bit before we really push out the re-launch to the masses. Tedward
There's a suggestion for someone on Talk:Milton Train Works  :) ++Lar: t/
Nice moves, Ted! --ALittleSlow
Ted, you have been prodigiously prolific in your cleanup! If I knew the rules for giving you an award, I'd start that process. :) Also, I'm still muddling over your category reorg proposal. Just want you to know I haven't forgotten. --ALittleSlow

Progress Tracking


Ted, I'm missing something. I don't have a problem with Moonbase being in category:themes, but I can't figure out what convention applies. Is moonbase a theme on its own, or a sub-theme of space? If it's the former, then I understand. Otherwise, I don't. --ALittleSlow

The are both. Because we decided to keep the sub-categories for themes we must have subthemes in both categories (if applicable) to be accurate. This is partly because subthemes are not fixed in stone ie: Batman or Atlantis which are both characterised as subthemes in one database and as independent themes in another. In the case of Moonbase it falls into two different sub-categories of Themes so must appear in all three categories. I think it is important that there is one category that collects all known themes for logical navigation and I will be editing for that goal as I go. Tedward

Merge FanGroupBox and OrgTypeBox ?

I think I figured out the problem with images in OrgTypeBox... (it was written before we had optional parameter support) ... wondering if we should merge FanGroupBox and OrgTypeBox now? Check out my recent changes and see what you think. Some groups never did upload ANY logo but I fixed a few to make sure I had the hang of it (prompted by the problem with IndyLUG) ... as a note, a lot of groups lost their logo display when you moved the page from the short to long names back in 2009.... These pages helped me find some and Category:Pages_with_broken_file_links ++Lar: t/

I was concerned about the images but at the time they had been lost from the site. Are the images on the new servers? I will be happy to undertake fixes to the LUG pages to finish what I started. Tedward
Apparently you are already on that. Thanks. Tedward
I don't think the images were lost, they were at the old names of the page (oldname)_OT.png ... Or if they WERE lost, they're back.... the way OrgTypeBox worked before was... not optimal, it depended on the image being at that place. I can't remember exactly why (it was 7 years ago) but I could not get a parameter to work for images. If you look at the images we have you will also see some that end in TT .. I think those are theme logos. I would be delighted if you took this on, I was mostly trying to fix the underlying code problem rather than fix all the instances. Changing a few was a way to test that. I will continue discussion of the merge idea at Template_talk:OrgTypeBox ... ++Lar: t/


Yes, the removal was accidental. Thanks for spotting and correcting. Claude Bombarde

I figured. :) Tedward

LEGO WIki Presentations

Well, Brickworld is almost here, and I don't have much of an idea of what I'm going to present at Brickworld about LEGO wikis. Tedward, what did people find interesting last time? Were they more into using or creating content? ALITTLESlow: t/
I had to do a PowerPoint "view only" presentation as BrickCon had no internet access in the classrooms that year. However what the audience seemed to want was general info on wikis and how they worked. It was mostly an introduction to the whole subject. One of the attendees of my session was a LEGO employee who's name escapes me right now and he asked a lot of questions. I was unable to get any traction because BW had an outage that lasted months after the con so I was unable to convert any attendees into contributors. :( I might still have the PP presentation somewhere if you think it might be useful to have a look at what I showed them? Tedward
That's very helpful. I would be interested in the PP, if it's convenient. I think you have my E-mail? ALITTLESlow: t/
Got distracted over the weekend. I'll poke around and see if I can find the PP. Tedward
Sorry, I finally found the last stray USB drive I had laying around and no luck. As best I can recall I started out with a couple of minutes on what a wiki is, showed pages from the LEGO wikis available at the time and then went right into how to sign up for an account and do some basic editing on pages. If I can confirm my attendance at BrickCon for this year soon I will probably try to recreate the presentation to try and recruit editors. Tedward

BrickCon 2013

I referenced several websites in my presention and some people were asking for the URLS:

  • LUGNET - [1]
  • BrickLink [2]
  • PEERON [3]
  • BrickSet [4]
  • Wikipedia [5] - referenced articles: BrickCon, SNOT, LUG
  • Wikia [6] - LEGO Universe, Minifigs Online
  • Brickipedia [7] (old site they cannot delete/transfer), Brickimedia (new site, some server issues currently)

The presentation went well and we had two sign ups right away. Tedward