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A turntable is a mechanical assembly made of multiple pieces that allows a rotational movement.


LEGO Elements

LEGO has produced a number of turntables:

Turntable 2x2 Plate

The 3680c01 2x2 turntable - Has been produced since 1977 and is still produced. Prior to 2007 the two component parts were preassembled. It is regarded as the most widely produced turntable

Its size makes it useful for light mechanical applications.

  • Variant : Plate 2x2 Hinge
  • Before : Pin and hole plate

Turntable 4x4 Dimpled

The oldest turntable, originally produced in the the sixties. 3404c02

  • Variant : Modern square base 3403c01 that completely replaces the previous one since 1976.

Turntable 4x6

6x6 turntable certainly the weirdest turntable as it appears only in one set (9748), Droid development kit from 1999.

Technic Turntable

Intended for heavy mechanical efforts, mostly in crane applications.

  • Variant : Studless Technic Turntable 48452cx1 appears logically with the creation of studless technic bricks (beams).

Built Turntables

See also: parts functionality studies.

All the above turntables are only two parts, which limits their use in heavier applications (particularly with unbalanced loads). A roller bearing could be imagined but no such part has been made by TLC.

Christopher R. Smith has proposed a huge ballbearing made with the #4481 Star Wars Hailfire Droid wheels and LEGO Sports balls [1]. As he suggests, this can be used as a huge turntable in creations where a smooth rotation of a large mass is required. The lack of connection points on the hailfire droid wheels was not addressed in the proposal.