Time Twisters

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Time Twisters is a 1997 subtheme of Time Cruisers featuring the Time Twister Twins who travel through time trying to change history. They also steal treasures throughout time to help power their twisted time machines.

Set Lists

Set lists by theme, subtheme and year of release are available using the following resources.

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Relation to Time Cruisers

Some people believe that the Time Twisters are the enemies of the Time Cruisers. This would make sense, seeing as the Time Cruisers merely travel through time to examine it, while the Time Twisters try to alter history.


The Time Twisters and Time Cruisers were not very popular. It was seen as just a mixture of random parts which fans of LEGO did not appreciate. The Time Twisters series was quickly discontinued, only having a meagre three sets released.