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The creation of highly detailed interiors for buildings, will generally require the inclusion of staircases. LEGO parts intended specifically for this purpose exist, for both straight to spiral staircases.

LEGO parts

The dark pink enclosed straight staircase (4x6x7 1/3) from Fabuland sets and this curved version (6x6x7 1/3) in Belville or Paradisa sets are examples from the eighties and nineties.

Others stair parts are:

  • The Fabuland Large Staircase from 1979
  • The Belville Staircase from 1994
  • The Scala Spiral Stair from 1997

System straight open stairs (7x4x6) and Staircase spiral step are available in much more neutral colors (black, brown, gray).

An equivalent of the straight staircase can be built from bricks and plates.

The spiral step is a development (smaller and more detailed) of the Scala spiral stair.

Staircases built by AFOLs

The first one is quite simple and use wedge bricks

The second one by Alban Nanty improved it using wedge plates. It is commented on the FreeLUG website.

The third one is more cumbersome but uses only 1x2 and 2x4 plates

Which are improved upon by the fourth and fifth ones, much more complicated, for which no building tips are given.