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Slizer was a Technic theme released in 1998. It featured robots with varied color schemes and powers, and made wide use of ball-and-socket joints. Construction-wise, it was the predecessor to RoboRiders and Bionicle.

The theme was called Slizer in across the globe, except in North America, where it was known as Throwbots.

The series contained 12 characters, each sold as a separate set.

  1. Scuba aka Sub Slizer: He had a yellow minifig harpoon gun, and an air tube leading from his back to his mouth. He was one of the heroes. Main colors: Light Blue/Blue.
  2. Ski aka Ice Slizer: Possibly the leader of the heroic Slizers, Ski/Ice had two skis on his feet, wore snow goggles and had a ski pole. Main colors:White/Blue.
  3. Turbo aka City Slizer: Turbo was one of the non-humanoid Slizers. He was a futuristic car with a throwing arm positioned on the right side. Main colors: Green/Black.
  4. Torch aka Fire Slizer: Another possible option for leader of the heroes, Torch/Fire welded a flamethrower, and his body was positioned upside-down so his head was at the bottom of his body. Main colors:Red/Black.

These four could be combined to create a "super Throwbot" called RoboTops.

  1. Jet aka Judge Slizer: The first Slizer to have two throwing arms. He was presumably the leader of the villains. Later, he was reformed as Blaster, possibly combining with Amazon/Jungle in the process. Main colors:Yellow/Black.
  2. Granite aka Rock Slizer: One of the non-humanoid Slizers, this set resembled a scorpion with two pickaxes on its back. He was a villain. Main Colors:Tan/Dark Grey.
  3. Electro aka Energy Slizer: One of the non humanoid slizers. Electro resembled an insect-like robot with two wings and a throwing arm for a tail. He was a villain. Main colors:Purple/Black.
  4. Amazon aka Jungle Slizer: Weilded a minifig katana. Possibly combined with Jet/Judge to form Blaster. He was one of the villians. Main colors:Aqua/Green.

These four could be combined into a dinosaur-like robot called Ultrarex.

  1. Millennium aka Millennia: Millennia was the first Slizer to come with its own vehicle. This character rode a motorbike which it could combine with to form a larger figure. He was the tallest throwbot/slizer.
  2. Flare aka Flare Slizer: He is Granite/Rock after the meteor mutated him. He was found in the fire continent. Main colors:Orange/Black.
  3. Spark aka Spark Slizer: He is Electro/Energy after the meteor mutated him. Main colors:Purple/Black.
  4. Blaster aka Blaster Slizer: He is much larger than the other Slizers and features a double throwing arm limb. He is Jet/Judge after being mutated by a meteor which fused him with Amazon/Jungle, though at the same time, it killed Amazon.

Flare, Spark and Blaster could combine to form a huge two-headed robot known as Fusion. Strangely, Millennia was not part of the combination.

This theme was the origin of the throwing discs later used in Bionicle. The first eight slizers each had seven discs that could be collected via the disc booster packs, each of which came with five random discs. These could be stored in the figures unique plastic cases.