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Part of the pleasure many builders derive from the LEGO community comes from sharing MOCs with other fans and with the public.

Sharing with the community

A primary purpose of most LEGO Users Groups (LUGs) is the sharing of MOCs or works in progress (WIP). At meetings or online members show each other what the have been working on and often provide feedback or suggestions for problems encountered in trying to a achieve a desired effect.

Sharing with the public

Many individuals and clubs share their creations with the public via displays often held in conjunction with conventions or special events arranged by local or regional groups such as model railroaders, toy shows, local museums etc.

Online tools for sharing

It is generally considered good manners on most forums to label a new thread about your work in progress something like:

WIP: my new automobile

In the early years of the online LEGO-community the original sharing tool Brickshelf (BS) was the only place to see what people had built. Later, sites such as Flickr came to include many LEGO-specific groups. Eventually the LEGO-specific orientation of Brickhelf was combined with more sophisticated systems like Flickr and thus was created MOCpages.

In addition to the picture-sharing oriented sites above, many community websites have discussion forums that include sections for posting both finished and unfinished projects.