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Power Miners was a 2009 LEGO theme that features miners digging for crystals within the planet's crust. The theme officially debuted in December of 2008, and intially featured six sets.



Power Miners essentially continues the tradition of the 1999 theme named Rock Raiders, in that it features large, futuristic mining vehicles and rock monsters as foes. One consistent theme of Power Miners is the incorporation of working features into nearly every set, which are generally activated by pushing the vehicles on a solid surface.

Building Techniques

Power Miners features a hybrid of system and technic construction, but it is notable for having fewer technic pieces in its kits than other recent Sci-Fi lines. The sets rely heavily on curved slopes and include a number of pieces originating in the Bionicle line.

Power Miners has a primarily lime and black color scheme, with hints of grey and orange as well. The human miners all have double sided heads and are dressed in a blue and white color scheme. The rock monsters in the line are vastly different from the monsters in the earlier Rock Raiders line, as they possess moveable arms and mouths and are far smaller.

Pieces introduced in the Power Miners line include a new drill piece and two new wheel molds that also double as parts of drills. The sets are also notable for featuring a large amount of the new dynamite mold and four brand new colors for the small crystal mold.


Not much is known about the story, but the theme focuses on conflict between the humans and the rock monsters. It has been revealed on the official site that the rock monsters have unique personalities, which may come into play as the story progresses.

Both Rock Raiders and Power Miners have a set that utilizes the name "Granite Grinder."

Set Lists

Set lists by theme, subtheme and year of release are available using the following resources.

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External Links

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