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Sometimes a builder will want to join elements in such a way that the usual alignment of studs is offset.

Simple Offsets

There are 3 different basic offsets we can directly get with a part.

Offset 1/2

Commonly named AZMEP, it provides an offset of one half stud, generally got with the use of a jumper plate.

Offset 1 2.png

Offset 1/3

One part offers a third offset : the 3185 Fence 1x4x2.

Erik Amzallag used it to create this window.

Offset 1 3.png

Offset 1/5

Some common parts offer a 1/5 offset : the [Washing_machine_brick|headlight brick] or the 4236 Bracket 1x2-1x4.

Offset 1 5.png

As a plate is equivalent to 2/5 brick, a vertical plate can also be used to create 1/5 offset. The next example shows how to obtain the different steps of 1/5 offset.

Offset 1 5 steps.png

Compound offsets

From these basic offsets, we can obtain composed offsets

Offset 1/6

It is the arrangement of the 1/2 and 1/3 offset.

Offset 1 6.png

Offset 1/10

It is the arrangement of the 1/2 and 1/5 offset.

The horizontal 1/10 offset was originally shown by Jason J Railton [1].

Erik Amzallag gave a way to build a vertical 1/10 offset and combined them to create stairs.

Offset 1 10.png

Offset 1/15

It is the arrangement of the 1/3 and 1/5 offset.

Offset 1 15.png

Offset 1/30

It is the arrangement of the three offsets, 1/2, 1/3 and 1/5 offset.

Offset 1 30.png

Continuous offsets

An other way to make offsets is to use bars and clips. Any offset can be made.

Offset cont vert.png Offset cont honr.png

The use of Technic axle and plates is also a possibility. Offset cont vert technic.png

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  • Slides for BrickCon “Brick Geometry” Presentation from a presentation at BrickCon 2013 by Bill Ward - retrieved October 24, 2020.