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There is no agreed upon dividing line between a MOC and a MOD. Is using any technique found in a set allowed? How much do you have to deviate from published instructions?

A MOD (from modification) is a term often used by fans to describe a model that is somewhere between a stock LEGO set and a MOC. Not be confused with the type of modifications done to customise specific elements by the use of cutting, painting, or sculpting.

When a builder (aka MODer or modder) purposely deviates from the instructions provided, the result is a MOD. The degree of deviation - some would say creativity - can vary greatly from changing small elements of the build, to substituting colours, all the way to rendering the original design almost unrecognizable.

Modular Houses MODs

Common MODs use the Modular Houses Standard sets as a starting point. Right from the introduction of Cafe Corner (10182), the first set in the theme, builders have been adding extra floors, changing floorplans, substituting colours and in general making changes to the stock model to improve their look, fit better into a layout, or simply to make their set unique.

Some examples:

  • Turning a corner building into a straight building: Palace Cinema(10232) MOD - from Eurobricks
  • Adding another floor: Parisian Restaurant (10243) - from Eurobricks
  • Changing layout/floorplan: Cafe Corner (10182) - from Brickset

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