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A mini-doll is a type of figure introduced with the Friends theme. Although they are slightly taller than minifigures, mini-dolls and minifigures use interchangeable accessories, hair and hat elements.


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The curved shape of the bodies and heads of these figures was widely derided by a vocal minority of fans [1] [2] and others [3] [4] [5] on the initial release of the Friends sets many of whom compared the new figs to Polly Pocket. Described with words such as,unnecessary and sexist both fans and other commentators expressed a desire for the continued use of the standard minifig with female hair elements and printing both to alleviate concerns of gender stereotyping and compatibility.

An equally vocal minority of fans and others soon declared the mini-dolls to be a success [6] and sales of the line clearly showed that the average consumer was unconcerned. Sales of the series were brisk [7] [8] and the line was eventually recognized as Toy of the Year by the Toy Industry Association in early 2013 [9].

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