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When a LEGO fan describes a measurement it may be in common units or, more likely, it is using various units unique to the LEGO community.

LEGO measuring tool
  • Studs are used primarily to describe surface areas of plates and baseplates, ie: 32 x 32 to describe the large baseplate that measures 10 inches x 10 inches. Each side has 32 studs.
  • Bricks are used primarily to describe height from a given point assuming elements are studs-up.
  • LDraw unit (LDU) represents a much more precise unit of measurement that is used primarily within the LDraw community.

The company in produced a measuring tool [1] in 2009 that incorporates these units as a building aid in the form of a triangle with markings and indentations on all three sides to measure a variety of elements and assemblies.

External Links

  • Lego Ruler and Sorting Tool a printable tool primarily for sorting created by Tom Alphin.