Large Ugly Rock Piece

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Large Ugly Rock Piece  
This image is used here by permission of Peeron. All other rights reserved.

Large Ugly Rock Piece (or LURP) is a large multifaceted element, commonly made in earth tones such as grey, light grey or brown, but sometimes seen in white or blue, that can be used to model rocks and stones and make it easy to create cliffs and mountains in a very fast way.

Sometimes used interchangeably with Big Ugly Rock Piece (or BURP) many consider the LURP and the BURP to be two distinct elements. Bricklink identifies the LURP as the smaller element, slightly triangular in shape.

Historical Criticism

There are some Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs) who have considered the use of LURPs and BURPs to be cheating, that is, they offer the builder something that could be built out of other elements as part of the overall assembly, and thus they are a kind of POOP.

LURPs have been found in sets from several themes but especially Castle and Pirates. Some consider these a form of juniorization.