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Juniorization is a term used by Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs) to both describe and criticize the inclusion of a few highly specialized elements in sets instead of already existing elements that could be assembled into the same configuration. A BURP (Big Ugly Rock Piece) might be considered a juniorized element but it is more common to refer to pieces such as half-2454.png which is simply an element that reproduces five of half-3004.png stacked together. Juniorized elements are simple, rather than complex POOPs.

The major complaint is that the use of juniorized pieces reduces the possibilities to build alternate models, a cornerstone of AFOL activity. Some AFOLs, however, revel in the chance to use these elements and consider their inclusion in MOCs a challenge.

The Jack Stone theme, aimed at younger builders than System themes, was heavily juniorized and was particularly unpopular among AFOLs.

Another juniorized element was the BFC piece (Big Freaking Castle).

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