Island Xtreme Stunts

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Island Xtreme Stunts is the name of a theme and video game that was released in 2002. It is a continuation of LEGO Island and LEGO Island 2.


Some characters in Xtreme Stunts were new ones, while some old from LEGO Island.

  • Pepper Roni The dude with the food. Pepper is a skateboarder and pizza delivery guy. Orphaned and adopted by Mama and Papa Bricolini
  • Skye is Pepper's best friend and partner. She's a rollerskater who's much older then Pepper.
  • Brickster is the villain of LEGO Island.
  • Snap Lockitt is a surfer dude of LEGO Island.
  • Infomaniac is the creator of LEGO Island.
  • Nick Brick Police chief and good friend to Pepper and Skye.
  • Laura brick Nick's younger sister