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Part 55615, also known as a Hassenpin  
This image is used here by permission of Peeron. All other rights reserved.

Hassenpin is an unofficial name for part 55615, Technic beam 3 x 3 bend with pins, which was created as a direct result of feedback from a select panel of fans1. The name derives from Steve Hassenplug, a member of the LEGO Mindstorms Users Panel (MUP). Along with other members of the MUP, Steve pointed out the complexity of making a studless, rigid, right-angle corner using the available studless elements and recommended the creation of a part like this one. Brian Davis explains2: "proper credit should go to a lot more than Steve Hassenplug, as (a) the other MUPs either also suggested the need, and all pushed for such a piece to be designed and added, and (b) that LEGO listened. I picked on Steve because I know him, and [his] name was the easiest to pervert into a 'pin'. As I said before, all blame for introducing this label should rest squarely on MY SHOULDERS, and mine alone... but all credit for the piece should go to LEGO and the four original MUPs."

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