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Corner Office by Tim Courtney
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LEGO can be used to make a wide variety of furniture, most typically at minifig scale, which help make a building appear more realistic and "lived in." Examples include chairs, tables, kitchen appliances, beds, hot tubs, and even bathroom fixtures.

Official LEGO sets tend to be short on furniture, with the [[Blacksmith Shop (3739)] being a notable exception. However, ALEs have found many creative solutions to furnishing their buildings.


Sample Furniture Ideas

Office Furniture

A small rectangular desk is easily made from a brown 2x4 plate, supported by 1x2 bricks, as illustrated in this example, which also shows a pull-out keyboard tray (made with a 2x2 plate stuck to the underside of the desk), and a 1x1 yellow tile as a pad of notepaper.

This corner desk on BrickShelf (at right) also demonstrates a nice desk lamp and a laptop computer.

Here's a computer desk as seen from behind — note the use of strings with end studs (Part:x127) as power cords, adding greatly to the realism of the set.


Chairs are useful in a lot of different rooms. LEGO supplies a Minifig Chair part but for variety people have built lots of different ones. A particularly well rounded collection of chairs can be found in the gallery of Michael Jasper, linked at left.

a chair by Michael Jasper
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Bedroom Furniture

Beds are fairly simple: usually just a plate, sometimes covered with colored plates or tiles for a comforter, and raised plates for pillows. However, there are many creative variations.

For example, see this child's loft bed, with a play area underneath. Here's another version of the same idea.

Good legs for beds and other furniture can be made with a 1x1 cone on top of a 1x1 plate, as shown here.


This folder on BrickShelf demonstrates a fully stocked kitchen, complete with cabinets and a variety of appliances.

If your minifigs are serious coffee drinkers, consider giving them a quad espresso machine.

Bathroom Fixtures

A toilet is typically made with a 2x2 round tile on top of an inverted 2x2 slope, in front of a 1x2 brick with a tile on top. A roll of toilet paper next to it can be made with a pair of 1x1 round plates joined to a Part:4081. Both techniques are shown nicely in this BrickShelf image.

For the faucet, use one of the 1x2 tap parts, Part:69c02 or Part:6936.

Other Furniture

Let your minifigs relax in a hot tub, such as this one in Quantum Manor. The water can be made with Part:30565 or Part:2577, which fit perfectly into SNOT arches (Part:2339 and Part:30099).

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