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A Fan Developed Theme or Fan Created Theme is a Theme that was created by a fan or fans. To be generally accepted by the ALE community as a theme (and not just an interesting series of MOCs) there needs to be some thematic cohesion, either by style of models (see Sea Monkeys or Steampunk) or by color scheme (see Jade Empire) or both (see Pre-Classic Space). Another criteria is that more than one person should be modeling in the theme.

Creating themes is a particularly enjoyable aspect of the hobby for some fans, who relish the creative activity, and who often develop elaborate backstories, character developments, technology histories, and so forth.

Factions versus themes

Many of the popular fan created themes in the Space community are similar to what are called factions by the Castle community. The primary difference seems to be that custom factions are the design and property of one person who will use liveried minifigs as troops in a medieval or fantasy themed army. Themes go beyond simple troops and include vehicles and installations built by a number of different fans.

List of known fan created themes