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Exo-Force is a LEGO theme released in 2006, which is notable for being the Lego Company's first venture into manga-styled playthemes. The line ran from 2006 to early 2008, and released a total of 32 sets (not including promotionals).



The Exo-Force core line consisted of battle machines that carried minifigure pilots. Variations on this include mini battle machines such as Uplink, and multi-legged batttle machines like the Striking Venom. The line also includes several wheel based vehicles, rotored flying machines, and buildings. The battle machines feature assortments of laser cannons, rockets, and melee weapons, and usually include a special gimmick like a light-up brick or a special launcher.

Exo Force is influenced heavily by manga art, and particularly on mecha-based stories. The human minifgures feature large-eyed faces with exaggerated expressions, and large spiky hair pieces made out of a flexible type plastic. The battle machines often feature oversized weapons and are decorated with stickers featuring japanese characters and symbols. The human characters and locations in the official storyline are all based on common japanese names and words, and the artwork closely resembles magna and anime.

Building Techniques

Exo Force's lego sets rely heavily on technic construction and SNOT, and utilize several types of click hinges to create moveable limbs. The sets also often incorporate specialized pieces previously released in other themes, including Bionicle, Hockey, and the Knight's Kingdom action figure line.

Pieces introduced in the Exo-Force line include the lightbrick and disk shooter mechanisms, a special technic click hinge utilized in large sets like the Striking Venom, and numerous recolored molds like slopes and Bionicle weapons. The line is also unique for heavy use of a black staircase support, which has a id number of 40244.


The storyline of Exo-Force is fairly simple, and is driven mainly by action. It takes place on the Sentai Mountain, a huge stone island. On this mountain, humans and robots formerly lived in peace. However, the robots eventually grew jealous of their human masters, and rebelled against them. Their brief conflict caused an event that split the mountain in half, but the humans eventually defeated the robots and sent them plunging into the gorge. A brief time of peace occured, where the humans built bridges between the two halves of the mountain and organized a defense force called Exo-Force. Soon after this, the robots rose up from the gorge with new battle machines.

The first year takes place right after the second Sentai Mountain conflict begins. Four pilots named Takeshi, Hikaru, Ryo, and Ha-Ya-To lead Exo-force in an ongoing war against the robots, under the wise guidance of Sensei Keiken. After several major battles, the humans discover that the robots are building an incredibly powerful battle machine named the Striking Venom. Despite the human's efforts, the robots complete this machine and attack Sentai Fortress with it. The humans barely manage to defeat the machine, and the robots into retreat for a time. After the battle, Sensei Keiken reveals the existence of the Golden City, an ancient location at the top of Sentai Mountain. He then sends Takeshi, Hikaru, and Ryo to claim it for the humans, in the hope that its immense power will help them win the conflict

The second year picks right up from the end of the first year. After fending off new robot battle machines, Takeshi, Hikaru, and Ryo locate the Golden City. The entire human population then relocates to the city. However, the Robots manage to activate a bridge that connects the Golden City to the robot side of the mountain, and this spurs another great conflict between the two sides. In the midst of this conflict, Sensei Keiken's daughter Hitomi is longing to become a member of Exo-force, and she helps the humans in many ways. Eventually, the robots unleash a new ultimate battle machine, the Mobile Devastator - but thanks to Hitomi and Ryo, the humans defeat the robots again. However, it is revealed that Sensei Keiken has been captured by the robots, and is being taken to the jungle part of Sentai Mountain.

The third year has Exo-Force chasing after Sensei Keiken, piloting new battle machines found within the Golden city. In the jungle, they run into new robot battle machines, and they engage in conflict as they attempt to find their Sensei. Unfortunately, due to the cancelation of Exo-Force, the storyline abruptly stops at a cliffhanger, leaving the final outcome of the war on Sentai Mountain a mystery.

Online Comics

  • Comic 0: The First Battle. Released Nov 15, 2020.
The Exo-Force team members first get into their mechs, and a glimpse of their training is provided.
  • Comic 1: Stealth Hunter vs. Fire Vulture. Released Jan 5, 2020.
The team's first battle is shown. Hikaru and Takeshi's inability to work together is highlighted.
  • Comic 2: Takeshi and Hikaru Continue the Battle. Released Jan 18, 2020.
The battle that started in the last chapter ends. Hikaru and Takeshi's inability to work together is highlighted.
  • Comic 3: Hikaru's Mission. Released Feb 1, 2020.
Having gotten details of a new robot Battle Machine, Hikaru goes to the robot's side to get pictures of it.
  • Comic 4: A Fierce Fight. Released Feb 16, 2020.
With Hikaru and Takeshi's Battle Machines damaged, Ryo has an idea for a combo Battle Machine.
  • Comic 5: Ryo's Experiment. Released Mar 2, 2020.
An attack on the gate forces Ryo to unveil the Mountain Warrior, against Keiken's advice.
  • Comic 6: Training Day. Released Mar 16, 2020.
Takeshi and Hikaru train to face the Striking Venom.
  • Comic 7: Dark Storm Rising. Released Mar 29, 2020.
Meca One oversees the construction of the Raging Storm.
  • Comic 8:Assault On The Gate. Released Apr 12, 2020.
The Raging Storm attacks Sentai Headquarters.
  • Comic 9: The Blaze Of Battle. Released Apr 26, 2020.
The Supernova and Stealth Hunter defeat the Raging Storm.
  • Comic 10: A Desperate Plan. Released May 10, 2020.
Ryo is kidnapped by the robots, who also recover the data module.
  • Comic 11: The Rescue. Released May 24, 2020.
The Exo-Force team rescues Ryo.
  • Comic 12: All-Out Attack! Released June 12, 2020.
The humans ambush the robots, but are attacked by three Sonic Phantoms.
  • Comic 13: Assualt on Robot H.Q. Released June 22, 2020.
Takeshi and Ryo enter the robot base, erase battle machine development files, and destroy a Meca One decoy, thinking it was the real Meca One.
  • Comic 14: Uplink Alone! Released July 4, 2020.
Uplink is captured by the robots to replace the lost battle machine development data, and Ryo prepares to, without the Sensei's permission, get Uplink back with the Mobile Defense Tank.
  • Comic 15: Mobile Defense Tank in Action! Released July 18, 2020.
Ryo in the Mobile Defense Tank enters the robot base and retrieves Uplink, but is prevented to return to the Sentai Fortress when he finds the bridge missing.
  • Comic 16: Into The Mountain Released August 1, 2020.
Ryo must go back into the robot side to get back to Sentai Fortress, but along the way finds a human captive and returns to Sentai Fortress after being found by the rest of the team. At the end it shows the Striking Venom built.
  • Comic 17: Bridge Walker vs. White Lightning Released August 16, 2020.
Ha-Ya-To, who has been in the regeneration station since Comic 14, is given a new mech, which he uses to narrowly defeat Meca One's personal battle machine, Bridge Walker.
  • Comic 18: Beginning of the End Released August 29, 2020.
Meca One deems the Striking Venom ready for battle and commences the attack on Sentai Fortress.
  • Comic 19: Secret Strike Released September 12, 2020.
Takeshi tries to attack the Striking Venom from behind, only to have it fire upon him.
  • Comic 20: The Fall of Takeshi Released September 26, 2020.
Continuing the fight between Meca One and Takeshi, Takeshi tries to immobilize the Striking Venom, only to be immobilized himself.
  • Comic 21: Battle In The Sky Released October 10, 2020.
Continuing the battle against the robots, the spotlight is now on Hikaru and robotic Venom Walkers.
  • Comic 22: Origin Of Exo-Force Released October 24, 2020.
Takeshi is saved from a flying jump by Hikaru. Takeshi is taken to the sickbay and dreams of the past.
  • Comic 23: Sensei's Secret Released November 7, 2020.
Takeshi's Grand Titan is repaired and Takeshi goes out to try and battle the Striking Venom. The spotlight is on Sensei Keiken in this one. An EXO-FORCE girl tech makes an appearance too.
  • Comic 24: Eyes Of The Enemy Released November 26, 2020.
A continuation of the same battle. This comic is told from Meca One's point of view.
  • Comic 25: The Final Battle Released December 4, 2020.
Exo-Force defeats the Striking Venom.
  • Comic 26: Epiloge Released December 14, 2020.
Keiken sends Hikaru, Takeshi, Ha-Ya-To, and Ryo to find the Golden City. This is not the last of the 2006-style comics.
  • Comic 27: Quest For The Golden City Released January 24, 2020.
Takeshi, Hikaru, and Ryo (Ha-Ya-To stayed behind) find the Golden City, but they ruin their three battle machines in the process.
  • Comic 28: Mystery of the Codes Released February 28, 2020.
Ryo, Takeshi, and Hikaru find their battle machines and have gained access to the Golden City's computer. Now they must find more codes. The heroes also battle the robots' new battle machines for the second time.
  • Comic 29: A New Battle Begins Released March 27, 2020
  • Comic 30: Destination: Golden City Released April 15, 2020
  • Comic 31: Golden City Under Siege Released May 13, 2020
  • Comic 32: Battle for the Golden Tower Released June 27, 2020
  • Comic 33: A Trap is Sprung Released July 29, 2020
The Robots attack the Golden City and Ha-Ya-To is trapped by a Shadow Crawler.
  • Comic 34: Blaze of Battle Released September 6, 2020
Hitomi rescues Ha-Ya-To in the new Blazing Flacon.
  • Comic 35: Aero Assault Released September 26, 2020
Ha-Ya-To is out on a testflight with the new Aero Booster. He gets in a ambush with Combat Crawler X2 Unit 1.
  • Comic 36: Betrayal! Released October 17, 2020
Sensei Keiken sends Exo-Force to the Sentai HQ to get a important datadisk.
  • Comic 37: Chaos in the Golden City Released November 20, 2020
  • Comic 38: Devastation Released December 03, 2020
  • Comic 39: Jungle Mission Released March 26, 2020
Meca One kidnaps Sensei Keiken. The Exo-Force team, equipped with new Battle Machines, set out to save the Sensei.


  • Hikaru
  • Takeshi
  • Ha-Ya-To
  • Ryo
  • Keiken
  • Hitomi
  • Meca One
  • Devastator
  • Iron Drone

Set List


  • 5965-Robot Walker [1] promotion set
  • 5966-Flyer (Glider) [2] promotion set
  • 5967-Walker [3] promotion set
  • 7700-Stealth Hunter [4]
  • 7701-Grand Titan [5]
  • 7702-Thunder Fury [6]
  • 7703-Fire Vulture [7]
  • 7704-Sonic Phantom [8]
  • 7705-Gate Assault [9]
  • 7706-Mobile Defense Tank [10]
  • 7707-Striking Venom [11]
  • 7708-Uplink [12]
  • 7709-Sentai Fortress [13]
  • 7711-Sentry [14]
  • 7712-Supernova [15]
  • 7713-Bridge Walker vs. White Lightning [16][17]


  • 7714-Golden Guardian [18] exclusive set
  • 7721-Combat Crawler X2 [19] exclusive set
  • 8100-Cyclone Defender [20]
  • 8101-Claw Crusher [21]
  • 8102-Blade Titan [22]
  • 8103-Sky Guardian [23]
  • 8104-Shadow Crawler [24]
  • 8105-Iron Condor [25]
  • 8106-Aero Booster [26]
  • 8107-Golden Tower [27]
  • 8108-Mobile Devastator [28]


  • 8111-River Dragon [29]
  • 8112-Battle Arachnoid [30]
  • 8113-Assault Tiger [31]
  • 8114-Chameleon Hunter [32]
  • 8115-Dark Panther [33]
  • 8117-Storm Lasher [34]
  • 8118-Hybride Rescue Tank [35]

Other Merchandise

  • 4299934-Takeshi Key Chain
  • 4493747-Hikaru Key Chain
  • 4493750-Exo-Force Cap
  • 4493793-Exo Blaster
  • 4493858-Exo-Force Magnets [36]
  • Exo-Force CD
  • KC934-Takeshi Key Chain
  • pin12-Takeshi Pin

TV Series

There was an Exo-Force TV series that ran from Jan 23-27, 2006. The episodes can be seen here at the official site.


  • Escape From Sentai Mountain [37]
  • Attack Of The Robots [38]
  • Search For The Golden City [39]
  • Collector's Guide [40]
  • Sticker Book [41]
  • Ghost From The Past
  • Race To The Golden City
  • Chapter Book #6 (name not yet known)
  • Action Manual


  • Pilot Training
Pilot Training is a game on the official site.
  • Exclusive Exo-Force Game
This game is for LEGO Club members only.
  • Shot Session
Build your own custom battle machine to take onto the firing range.
  • Smack Session
Build your own battle machine and use your hand weapon to destroy enemies.
  • Speed Session
Moving your Battle Machine around the track, collect as many targets as possible
  • Sentai Showdown: 1
Build your own battle machine and use your hand weapon to destroy enemies
  • Sentai Showdown: 2
Build your own battle machine and use your hand weapon to destroy enemies
  • Sentai Showdown: 3
Build your own battle machine and use your hand weapon to destroy enemies
  • Deep Jungle
Build your own battle machine and rescue Sensei Keiken


  • It was originally planned that in 2008, Exo-Force would discover the place where Sensei Keiken created Meca One.
  • Exo-Force is the second lego theme to have an ongoing comic series spanning over multiple years, the first being Bionicle.
  • One of the early promotional images featured a battle machine with a printed 2x1 tile on its groin(!) which read "XFORSKN" which some ALES stated humorously referred to the robot's foreskin.

External Links

  • Official Site
  • Exo-Dice A complex wargame for Exo-Force.
  • brickshelf Pics of all Exo-Force sets.
  • exo-force.net First unoffical Site