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Australia and New Zealand had access to both Dino lines. Dino Attack was available in stores but Dino 2010 was available from Shop@Home

Dino Attack/Dino 2010 is a 2005 LEGO Theme. There are two variations, Dino Attack, for North America, Asia and Oceania, and Dino 2010, for Europe. The main difference is in the level of armament. Dino Attack features guns prominently whereas Dino 2010 replaces them with cages and other non-lethal traps. The Dino range is believed to be the first experiment by LEGO in tailoring a line to the market.


Dino Attack

  • Street Sprinter vs. Mutant Lizard (7473)
  • Urban Avenger vs. Raptor (7474)
  • Fire Hammer vs. Mutant Lizards (7475)
  • Iron Predator vs. T-Rex (7476)
  • T-1 Typhoon vs. T-Rex (7477)

Dino 2010

  • Dino Tracker ATV (7294)
  • Dino Buggy Chaser (7295)
  • 4WD Dino Trapper (7296)
  • Dino Track Transport (7297)
  • Dino Air Tracker (7298)


  • Shadow:
Shadow is the most driven member of the Dino Attack team. His family was destroyed by the first dinosaur attack of which he was a sole survivor. This makes him a little bitter. He usually clashes with Specs over whether to destroy the dinosaurs, or to study them to find out where and why they appeared. Shadow has to be careful when fighting lizards. His scars make him quite vunerable to their acid.
  • Digger:
A famous paleontologist, Digger goes where no other dino hunter will and digs deeper in his search for bones than anyone ever has before. His knowledge of dinosaur lore and aim with the Cosmotronic Ray make him a valuable addition to the team. His only drawback is that he likes being in danger just to feel the excitement. Leader of the team. In some versions of the story he's told by a human to lead them.
  • Specs:
A very talented scientist in many areas (biology, paleontology, chemistry etc.). He created most of the team's equipment. Part of him wishes that he could just capture the dinos and study where they came from and their intentions. He gets very frustrated with Shadow and thinks Shadow does everything by himself. Yet it was Specs who first found and rescued Shadow after the first attack.
  • Viper:
The only member who was drafted onto the team, he cannot say any dinosaur name right. To him they're just "scales". He hates strategies and thinks that the best way to defeat the dinos is with lightning speed and brute force. Viper's goal is to destroy the biggest and baddest "really big scales" (T-Rex).


  • Mutant Lizards: usually attack in groups.
Powers: acid breath, speed, stealth
  • Raptor: a powerful hunter
Powers: super speed, force fields
  • T-Rex: the leader
Powers: super strength,laser vision
  • Pteranodon: the only ones that fly.
Powers: flight, lightning breath

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