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A term for a source or collection of building and ideas that can be used as a resource for users wanting to learn how to be better builders, or who want to solve a particular problem and want to know which technique they should try first.

See also: Category:Idea Books.

It is also the title LEGO chooses to use for manuals that come with some of the MindStorms and CyberMaster sets.

The category:Techniques forms the start of an online constructopedia in that reading through the included entries will privide a number of ideas about ways to do things.

external links

  • [1] MIT MediaLab Constructopedia, (mostly but not all) LEGO
  • LEGO educational division Constructopedia
  • Scans of manual for LEGO MindStorms v 1.0
  • Pneumatics Constructopedia by C S Soh
  • LEGO Building School a part of Swooshable (project).