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Fan themes

Question: Should we place fan created themes into a subcategory of themes (as well as staying in themes) so that if you go to "fan themes" you can see which ones are fan created at a glance (and similarly, have a "official themes" subcategory). However I am not enough of a Wikian to know how exactly to set up a category as a subcategory of another.... help?

Also, I had been trying to denote which themes are subthemes of which others. Is there anyone that disagrees that fan created themes get placed in broad categories just as official themes do (that is, Pre Classic Space is a subtheme of Space just as Classic Space and Futuron are? Comments? ++

There could be substantial overlap between Themes and Models (and some in Techniques), leading to confusion on where to put information. Shouldn't have the same info listed multiple places and have to keep synchronized. Thoughts? ++BricKeith

Official themes are part of the history of the LEGO Group; fan-created themes are part of the history of the fan community. How about we create two different theme categories corresponding to this in content and placement, and link them to each other? BuilderQ

Splitting into Themes and Fan themes and cross-linking makes sense to me. I think they should both be top level categories though.
OK, maybe they should both be linked to directly from the main page, as well. I'm getting tired of clicking "Browse BrickWiki" before I can reach the one theme category we already have. BuilderQ
I think "themes" should be in the main menu, I agree it is a common thing to want to see... ++

Categories or entries?

Most of the themes exist as entries, I.E. Town, while Space exists as a subcategory, Category:Space. This needs to be unified somehow. Suggest we make them all subcategories. --Myko 27 July

Hi Myko, there is a discussion on this topic over in BrickWiki Talk:Conventions if you want to check it out. Tim 27 July