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There are potentially 3000 (?) articles that can go here, we need to think about this one before we go too crazy... not sure we want to describe every element do we? At least not at first, but eventually it may be cool. ++

I created this page as a home for the orphaned pbrick page. I agree this should not be a full list - Peeron and BrickLink cover that. Perhaps DESCRIPTIONS of new or unique elements, such as those used for SNOT techniques? Seeing an element such as a "washing machine" (modified 1 x 1 brick with headlight) does not tell you how to use it. If you put the description of the element outside the context (SNOT) you can link to that description from various pages that refer to it++BricKeith


I have a hard time seeing why this category exists at all if it will NOT be a complete guide to LEGO elements. Why not simply redirect to the Terms Category? If I am looking up Baseplate or Washing Machine brick then I would look in terms as these are words or phrases used to describe special elements.

You can't make a redirect from a category and most (all hopefully) of the articles are in terms as well. It may not be entirely useful but if it helps just one person find what they're looking for it's fine by me. Tim
That makes sense. Better to have too many ways to find the info than too few. I did have to add category:terms to baseplate though so maybe I will keep an eye out for othersTedward