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the whole building with bricks area is a bit of a mess... Consider Category:Modular_building_standards (under category:techniques which is under here) versus Category:Standards directly under here...

I think I caused at least part of this mess! Perhaps some work is needed here. Not sure. Perhaps someone should Be Bold and just start moving stuff around?? Maybe a MBS is a kind of standard (and table standards are another kind, and DCC is another kind?) not a kind of technique? I love categories. I HATE categories. My brain hurts... ++

I was getting the same feeling with train article. I'm beginning to see the need for sub-categories but find them problematic too. I fiddled [[:category:Type]] away before when I noticed that noone was touching the articles in it but adding new sub-categories has its own risks. If only it was possible to move and merge categories the problem wouldn't be so great but when you know you are potentially causing a LOT of future work its a bit scary.

Who's in charge of this page? I'm just a newbie, so forgive me if that's a naive question. But it does seem like somebody needs to be bold, pick a hierarchy, and implement it -- moving stuff around if necessary.

I'd like to start contributing, but I'd hate to learn that my work was lost because of a reorganization... better to get an organization we can live with right away. - Jstrout, Aug 05 2005