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This article is about building automobiles. For Disney's Cars movies go to Cars (theme).

Many AFOLs build cars out of LEGO bricks, either as stand-alone pieces or as part of larger town or train layouts. This article refers to passenger cars. For trucks or train cars or vehicles in general, follow the links.

Styles of car design

Broadly speaking, car design can be split into six categories: microscale, four-wide non-minifig, four-wide minifig, six-wide minifig, eight-wide minifig and large/technic (in vague order of size). Each of these is described briefly below.

These cars are scaled to fit with microscale building projects.
Four-wide non-minifig
Cars which are four-wide but with concentration on appearance rather than seating a minifig.
Four-wide minifig
Cars which will carry a minifig. This is the scale of cars from the LEGOLAND theme.
Six-wide minifig
The size of many new LEGO cars, primarily from the town and other minifig-themes c.2002. Similar focus to four-wide minifig scale. It is increasingly common to find AFOLs building this style of car. These are often used on layouts which carry eight-wide trains.
Eight-wide minifig
Used to seat two figures side by side (though this is found in a number of 6-wide cars too). Usually chosen for realism in detail in modelling specific real cars; not often used in large setups because they would force the overall scale too large.
These are cars which are built as highly accurate, standalone models. They often have many working parts (made from Technic bricks) and typically are a scale-model of a real prototype.

Building LEGO cars

LEGO are the worlds biggest manufacturer of tyres, producing over 175 million tyres a year.

Wheels are usually required for building cars from LEGO elements. LEGO produce a wide selection of wheels in many different sizes, ranging from just under 1 brick wide and 4 plates tall, through to enormous Technic wheels for the Technic Supercar (8070) or the Power Puller (8457).

See also the vehicles article.

External References

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