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Part of
N/A Supertheme,
no specific colors,
see subthemes
Release Year 1997
Fan Developed? no
Part of theme: none
Subthemes: Aquanauts, Aquaraiders, Aquasharks,
Hydronauts, Stingrays
Related themes Fan subtheme:
Sea Monkeys

Aquazone is an official theme that was produced from 1995 to 1999 featuring submarine playsets. The first sets introduced in 1995 were in two subthemes, the Aquanauts and the Aquasharks. The Aquanauts were a team of explorers hunting for the hydrolator crystals. The Aquasharks, however, were undersea pirates trying to steal the crystals with their shark-shaped submarines. More sets for each of these themes were introduced the following year, including the 6104 Aquacessories pack. In 1997, a new subtheme was introduced, the Aquaraiders. They were also trying to steal the crystals, this time with undersea mining equipment. In 1998, two new subthemes were released, the Hydronauts and the Stingrays. The Hydronauts replaced the Aquanauts as the good-guy explorers, while the Stingrays were mutant half-fish people again trying to steal the crystals.

A fan-created subtheme is the Sea Monkeys, which was first introduced by Felix Greco and Joe Meno.

External References

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  • Fibblesnork guide to Aquazone sets.