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A LEGO theme Alpha Team began in 2001 and was discontinued in 2005. Similarities in style and storyline lead many AFOLs to consider the later Agents theme a kind of sequel.


Alpha Team Storyline

Alpha team is a group of secrets agents out to stop the evil plans of Ogel. With Dash as the leader, the Team is often thrown into situations that test their skills and determination to the limits. But they always seem to come through.

Alpha Team 2001

Alpha Team started out as a basic top secret group. At that time, Ogel has made evil orbs that can turn ordinary civilians into mindless drones to serve as his slaves. However, he was defeated when Alpha Team entered the picture and broke the power of the evil orbs to restore the drones back to normal. They captured Ogel and destroyed the orb machine(found in the Alpha Team video game). However, Ogel managed to escape.

Deep Sea Mission;2002-2003

The year is 2002 and Alpha Team has changed slightly. The toyline is known as: Mission Deep Sea. Ogel is back with more sinisterous looking drones that remained from the year 2001. Ogel also has revised the evil orb so that he could turn ordinary sea creatures into mutants that serve him. Ogel's left hand was replaced by a transperant red hook that can still hold things(the Lego minifigure).It is uncertain of how he got the red hook. Rumor has it that he lost his left hand while battling Alpha Team. Alpha Team's helper, TeeVee(a television with legs and antennae)can now turn into a deep sea rover for small openings and scouting around the sea embankment. In the webtoon,Into the Deep, Ogel's sinster plan for the mutant sea animals was destroyed when Dash reversed the orb factory controls, thus reverting all the sea animals back to normal.

Mission Deep Freeze;2004-2005

Alpha Team went into massive revision. The Alpha Team symbol was changed, Crunch and Cam have been replace by Diamond Tooth and Arrow (in that order), and Ogel replaced his red hook with a transperant blue hook. Alpha Team has more tech than usual. Their vehicles have a new feature: they can intiate Alpha Mode, a feature that transforms one vehicle to another without dissasembling and rebuilding. This time, Ogel's plan has gone from mind controlling to causing damage to the world. His plan was to freeze the world at his base in Antarctica with ice orbs, and as revealed later, to freeze time itself as well. Ice Orbs are completely different from the evil orbs Ogel made earlier, as they no longer cause mutations/brainwashing, but instead freezes everything on touch. Alpha Team tracked him down to Anarctica and ended up battling each other. While Alpha Team raced to Ogel's fortress in a desperate gamble to stop him from freezing time, Ogel ended up freezing almost all Alpha Team. When all hope was lost, drones started to do a random and quite frankly, very funny thing: they began to steal interesting landmarks. Then Zed, a special agent of Alpha Team, arrived at Antarctica. He melted the ice around the other agents and set off on his own mission. While the other agents were stopping Ogel's drones, Ogel appeared in his Scorpion Orb Launcher, his own vehicle that could convert into the Viper Escape. Ogel and Zed battled. At the same time, the Lego Magazine had invited fans to write their own stories of who won and what will happen next. The Lego Magazine didn't show the results, but it was assumed that Zed had won the conflict and the world was restored to normal.

Alpha Team agents

Here are all the Alpha Team agents.

  • Dash: The Motion Expert and the leader of Alpha Team. Cocky but kind and extremely brave.
  • Arrow: Agent replacing Cam as Motors Expert in 2004. In's archives, he is known as Alpha Team's mechanic.[1]
  • Diamond Tooth: Agent replacing Crunch as Explosives Expert in 2004.
  • Crunch: The Explosives Expert and Commander of Search and Rescue. Extremely kind.
  • Flex: The Ropes Expert. He is the most "excited" and "happiest" character in Alpha Team. However with the revision in 2004, his huge smile was replaced with a small frown.
  • Charge:The Electronics Expert spy. Also, on the video game cover, it can also be assumed he can fly with jets on his gloves.
  • Cam: The Motors Expert and second in command. She was replaced by Arrow in 2004.
  • Radia: The Lasers Expert and doctor. By the looks of the video game cover, she carries around a hand held laser beam.
  • Zed:The new special agent of Alpha Team. He pilots the Blizzard Blaster.
  • Gearbox: Not much is known about this agent. The only information about this agent was revealed in a comic which stated he had designed and built the Tundra Tracker.
  • TeeVee: The robot helper of Alpha Team. In 2004, he was officially referred to as an agent. In 2001 he was just a television on legs. During Mission Deep Sea, he could transform into an ROV. In 2004 he became an android like figure.
  • Ogel: The villain of the series, who attempts to control the world and destroy Alpha Team.

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