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Release Year 1997
Fan Developed? no
Part of theme: none
Subthemes: Egyptian Desert, Amazon Jungle, Dino Island, Orient Expedition
Related themes no known Fan subthemes exist although Steampunk
uses many of the characters and elements.

Adventurers is a theme introduced by LEGO in 1998. It features characters and settings from an early 20th century setting sharing similar plots and details with Indiana Jones and other heroes of pulp fiction.


Set Lists

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Egypt was the first sub theme of the Adventurers theme starring Johnny Thunder, an Indiana Jones-type character. Sets were released in 1998 and 1999 (seventeen years after the first Indiana Jones movie). Sets feature hieroglyphics, mummies and other relics. Raiders of the Lost Ark was an incredibly popular feature film released in 1981 starring Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. Many fans associated Johnny Thunder with Indiana Jones since they were both archeologist and adventurers poking around Egypt in the early 20th century, but these were not licensed products like some other sets.


Amazon was the next sub theme released in 1999. The Amazon theme is also related to the Castle theme, especially for the set Amazon Ancient Ruins (5986). Sets feature indigenous tribes, jungle temples and steam launches. There are fewer sets in this sub theme than the others, but they are well-regarded, quality sets. The comparison to Indiana Jones continues as the character appeared in the jungles of India for his second film: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984). This film was released 15 years before the LEGO sets were released.

Dino Island

Dino Island was the third sub theme of the Adventurers theme, released in 2000. This time, Johnny Thunder seemed less like Indiana Jones the archeologist but more like Dr. Alan Grant, the paleontologist from the hit film Jurassic Park, which was released seven years previously, which was based on the book by the bestselling author, Michael Crichton.


Related to town sets and featuring some characters from the Adventurers series, Ffrance. Pippin is the only original character shown but Mike, Senior Palmor, and Alexis Sanister were also in France.

New Characters: Pippin's boyfriend (Name Unknown) betrayed Pippin, Mike and Joseph. Also appeared in a town connection set. Joseph is Mike's father a mechanic. He also appeared in a town connection set.

Orient Expedition

Orient Expedition was the fourth full sub theme of the Adventurers theme that reminded people of the Indiana Jones movies, particularly the Nepal scenes of Raiders of the Lost Ark (released in 1981), and the mountain scenes in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (released in 1984). The movie High Road to China is also thought by some to be a major influence even though that movie was released a year before the second Indiana Jones movie. Orient Expedition is also closely associated with the Castle theme, especially the set Temple of Mount Everest (7417) providing many castle-friendly elements and accessories

Story line

5 years ago there was a group of 6 adventurers. But one of them betrayed and killed the others (This is belived to be Mr. Hates) including a man named Daniel thunder. Apart from the killer the only survivor was an archeologist named Dr. Kilroy who took it into his own hands to train and guide Daniel's only child, the famed Johnny Thunder.


Image of Johnny Thunder photographed by gedy
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Johnny Thunder
The main hero of the theme. An Australian adventurer and artifact gatherer.
Pippin Read
Journalist. Sometimes spelled Pippin Reed. Formerly known as Gail Storm in North America.
Dr. Kilroy 
Professor. Formerly known as Dr. Lightning in North America.
Baron von Barron
Leader of the bad guys. Sometimes spelled Baron von Baron. After the Egypt theme, he was renamed to Sam Sanister/Sinister.

Egypt characters

Harry Cane
Appeared in the Egypt theme. Pilot and helper. Sometimes spelled Harry Kane or Harry Cain.
Sam Sinister
Appeared in the Egypt theme as the assistant of Baron von Barron.
Pharaoh Hotep
The mummy guards treasures against tomb robbers. He becomes awake whenever someone is trying to get at the valuable treasures.

Amazon characters

Appeared in the Amazon theme to help the heroes out.
Señor Palomar
The main villain in the Amazon theme. Wears a white vest and a white cowboy hat.
Max Villano
The assistant of Señor Palomar. Has a scar across his face.
A god of some sorts. Otherwise the leader of a local Indian tribe.

Dino Island

Young boy who helped out on Dino Island.
Alexis Sinister
The wife of Sam Sinister, who helps him work out a plot against the trio.
Mr. Cunningham
Another minion of Sam Sinister.

Orient Expedition

An indian boy that helps the heroes in India.
Maharadja Lallu
Baron von Baron's ally in India.
Sangye Dorje
A sherpa that helps the heroes in Nepal
Ngan Pa
A yeti hunter who help Baron von Baron in Nepal.
Emperor Chang Wu
Baron von Baron's ally in China
Jing Lee
A chinese girl who helps out the heroes in China.

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