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4+ is a LEGO theme released in 2003. It replaced the Jack Stone line. The series was aimed at children ages 4-7. It was discontinued in 2005.


Set List

  • 4651-Police Motorcycle
  • 4652-Tow Truck
  • 4653-Dump Truck
  • 4654-Tanker Truck
  • 4655-Quick Fix Station
  • 4657-Fire Squad HQ
  • 4666-Speedy Police Car
  • 4667-Loadin' Digger
  • 4668-Outrigger Construction Crane
  • 4669-Turbo-Charged Police Boat
  • 7099-Accessory Motor

Spider-Man 2

  • 4858-Doc Ock's Crime Spree
  • 4860-Doc Ock' Cafe Attack


  • 7070-Catapult Raft
  • 7071-Treasure Island
  • 7072-Captain Kragg's Pirate Boat
  • 7073-Pirate Dock
  • 7074-Skull Island
  • 7075-Captain Redbeard's Pirate Ship
  • 7080-Scurvy Dog And Crocodile
  • 7081-Harry Hardtack And Monkey
  • 7082-Cannonball Jimmy And Shark
  • 7290-Promotional Set


4+ was a follow-up to the Jack Stone series, which was controversial itself, mainly for using huge pieces and the so-called bigfigs, figures that stand a head taller than other minifigs. What was new in 4+ was that is went to other themes, such as Pirates, and even licensed themes, like Spider-Man 2. Many Pirates fans were upset at the so-called juniorized Pirates sets, claiming that they waited for seven years for a new Pirates theme, and were upset with what they got. However, it should be noted that the theme was meant for ages 4-7.

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