World of LEGOcraft

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World of LEGOcraft

Website URL
Services and activities Online: Discussion
Real Life: none
Year founded 2007
Membership type(s)  ??
Membership cost  ??
Target audience ALEs worldwide who also play games
Discussion groups? Yes


World of LEGOcraft is a discussion site targeted at LEGO gamers. The forum topics include:

and thus games played using LEGO elements as the medium, as well as games that are LEGO "themed", or that are produced as part of the LEGO product line are all included.

World of LEGOcraft was created in mid June 2007. The name is a takeoff on World of Warcraft, but since the forums are LEGO oriented, the last word is changed to LEGOcraft. World of LEGOcraft is sometimes acronymised to WoL or WoLC.

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