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There have been many webcomics featuring LEGO published online since the advent of the world wide web.

see: Wikipedia:Webcomic for more on webcomics in general

Current Webcomics

The following are known to be currently adding new episodes as of the most recent version of this article.

  • Grunts by Andrew Summersgill (aka Doctor Sinister).
  • Harry Potter Comics is a twice-weekly web comic that continues the adventures of Harry Potter after the conclusion of the books.
  • Reasonably Clever's Brick House is a web comic by Christopher Doyle, featuring the adventures of Whisky Tango and his best friend frog, Hop Scotch

Finished/Inactive Webcomics

The following are believed to be finished or have been abandoned by the authors.

  • Irregular webcomic was a daily strip format that used LEGO elements and fantasy roleplaying miniatures to chronicle a series of adventures of a variety of characters in occasionally intersecting storylines. The series has finished but the author has begun re-running the series from the beginning with new annotations.

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