Washington Metropolitan Area LEGO Users Group

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Washington Metropolitan Area LEGO Users Group

Website URL http://www.wamalug.com
Services and activities Real Life: Meetings, shows and displays
Online: website and mailing list
Year founded 1999
Membership type(s) 18 and over, or under 18 if accompanied by an adult.
Membership cost Free
Target audience Washington D.C. Metro Area
Discussion groups? http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wamalug/

The Washington Metropolitan Area LEGO Users Group. (WAMALUG) is the LUG for the Washington D.C. area.


In July of 1999, NOVALTC (standing for Northern Virginia LTC) was formed by Stephen Roberts, Chris Tracey, and Jeff Stembel. In November of 1999, the group changed their name to WAMALUG due to a fast growing membership with a wide range of interests beyond just trains.


WAMALUG had formal bylaws and hold semi-annual elections for a Board of Directors (Chairman, Public Relations and Bookkeeper.)

In early 2005, the bylaws were dissolved.

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