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Victoria LEGO Users Group Logo
Website URL
Services and activities Online: discussion forums.
Real Life: meetings, club displays
Year founded 1998
Geographic Area/Target audience Adults resident in or near the Greater Victoria/Southern Vancouver Island area.
Membership cost $10 per year

The Victoria Lego User Group (VicLUG) is both a LUG and LTC for the greater Victoria, Lower Vancouver Island region of British Columbia, Canada.




VicLUG has existed in some form since the late 1990's


September - Ted signed up as the coordinator for the Victoria AFOL Meetup and renamed it VicLUG after finding obsolete pages using that name.


September - Library display at Central Branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library.


April - Joseph designs, builds and finds a host for .
October - attended NWBrickCon in Seattle, WA.


April - several members attend BrickFest PDX 2007 in Portland, OR.


February - Westshore Hobby Show
September - Victoria Model Railway Show
October - largest presence outside Victoria when 8 members attend BrickCon in Seattle.


January - Westshore Hobby Show
February - Gottacon
October - BrickCon
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