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Logo for Utah LEGO Users Group

Utah LEGO Users Group

Website URL http://www.utahlug.org
Services and activities Real Life: Meetings and train shows
Online: website and discussion group
Year founded 2006
Membership type(s) Anyone 16 and over, under 16 must attend club events with a parent.
Membership cost Free
Target audience FOLs in Utah
Discussion groups? Forums (Only members can read and post)

ULUG or the Utah LEGO Users Group is a fairly new LUG in the state of Utah.


ULUG was founded in September 2006 by Brian Pilati and Gary McIntire, who has recently been hired as a Master Model Builder at LEGOLAND California. The number of members has increased exponentially since the club's creation.


ULUG is closely related to GBLT&C, the Great Basin LEGO Train Club. They regularly collaborate on LEGO train displays at local model railroad shows. ULUG meets on the third Saturday of every month unless a train show is being held, otherwise the meeting will usually be held at the show.

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