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Welcome to BrickWiki

Hi Amanda! I am Merond the head of the Welcome team on BrickWiki. I noticed you have been editing things lately. I don't know how new you are, but it appears you haven't been formally greeted since there is nothing on your talk page. I would suggest you read the following pages before you edit more:

  1. BrickWiki:FAQ
  2. BrickWiki:Conventions
  3. Help:Contents

And these pages are special pages that you should know about:

  1. Special:Random This page pulls up a random article in the BrickWiki.
  2. Main Page This is the home page of the BrickWiki. I would suggest exploring it if you already haven't.

If you ever have any questions you are free to ask me on my talk page! To see my user page just click my name in my signature below. Oh, and when you post on a talk page be sure to sign with four tildes ~~~~. See you around! p.s. The Welcome team hasn't been going very long and I am the only member, so if this welcome is late that is why :) --Merond e 07:20, June 18, 2006 (Eastern Daylight Time)

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