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From echelon "attack" on 11 July 2006

ECHELON was here bitch.

Echelon is a sad loser with no friends. Life owned you
Capitalise it, Legofucking bitch~
ECHELON is more then one person Legofucker~
Echelon is saddos. Ownded by life and owned by capitals. I'm going to keep this forever on my user page to remind me how sad virgins are.
Capitalise our name or suffer Legofucker. Who is to say we are virgins? Our sexual lifes are nothing for you to know nor should you care. We are not "ownded" by life or capital letters. Now shut your fucking mouth or this site becomes a target of ECHELON.
That threat would only work if you weren't already attacking the site, you morons. echelon have no sexual activities which is why I call you virgins. If you did you wouldn't spend your time "hacking" a wiki. You're not even real hackers. Just saddos with no lives. Life owned you, life ownded you and capitals pwn you. PS. I'm bored now. do what you like. I've got better things to do like cleaning the sweat from my crack.
You want us to? Then we shall. ECHELON members may or may not be virgins. We really don't care if they do or not. Calling people virgins when you've only had gay sex through the ass means nothing. Yes we know you're wiping the stuff out of your ass crack and it's really disturbing for you to let us know about that. Capitals "pwn" you Legofucker because ECHELON owns you. We are glad you're bored and now we're going to DDoS this
zOMG not a DDOS. How scary, the wiki might go offline.
Might? No it will.
wow. I just bothered to read your insults. you should get your cocks out of your ears and come up with some new ones. losers, virgins, pwnd echelon.
echelon, oh so fuc*ing great strong magnificent echelon! please forgive us echelon...oh echelon, don't make us sh*tting fearfully in our pants...echelon MY ASS!!...some ppl are real fun from time to time...:-))
Do not use the ECHELON name without ECHELON authorisation.
Oooooh proxy

Someone from echelon came back the day after this happened and removed everything I said to echelon. Those sad losers really do have no lives. Tim 14:13, 12 July 2006 (Eastern Daylight Time)

You fucking lie.

echelon pussy
Why yes we do like pussy~
I think you've mistaken your dads arse for a pussy. An easy mistake to make if you spend your life down there.
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