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MI am living in Sweden.

I like to build Duplo things with my children, and in childhood Lego was the toy number one from 3-12 years older.

After searching internet for Duplo I found many links list, and many of them was outdated, but i did not found Duplo things.

I puting up a duplo homepage on geocities (now they have popup, so i will move somewere else, meybee wikispaces) [My Duplo pages] (geocities popups) I started a personal Duplo blog [Duplo blog] Begin to build and take pictures [Brickshelf] and my 15 floor duplo skyscraped have popular to view in brickshelf [Duplo skyscrapes]

My latest project is to make a directory over all good lego pages [Wiki-Brick-Links] I beging with look through 300 pages and manual go through all links list on pages wich seems to be updates. Put all links in a wiki. Now is to get help to update and to promote for no one is looking for a main directory.

This project have get me many very nice contacts in the with Lego community, which is a very friendly community.

Then I come in contact with BrickWiki and is helping BW to make it more easy to find and to use look in [my talk].

Feel free to contact me, klas....sch at gmail, remove 3 . and add .com

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