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Logo for TurkLUG


Website URL http://www.turklug.com
Services and activities Real Life: Meetings, exhibitions
Online: Online discussion group, web site
Year founded April 2007
Membership type(s) Open to all Turkish speaking LEGO fans
Membership cost Free
Target audience Turkish speaking LEGO fans of all ages
Discussion groups? Website & members only discussion forums

TurkLUG is the Turkish LEGO Users Group also known as Türk LEGO Topluluğu. It is mostly an online group but it does feature real life activities of all sorts. Membership is completely free and underage fans are also accepted as a part of the community. Apart from the major annual creation contest, LUG members have frequent meetings and minor online contests and raffles.



TurkLUG was founded in April 2007 by Cagri Yuz who later became a Cycle 7 LEGO Ambassador for the community. At the begining, community was in the form of a guestbook where anybody could add messages to topics. The whole guestbook was hosted in Cagri Yuz's personal web page legoadam.com. In April 2008, the community was moved to a seperate PHPBB forum, still in Cagri Yuz's web site. Upon increasing traffic, the whole community was recreated with a new domain name and web site, turklug.com. Along with the rapid growth of member count, real life activities in different cities had started. Today TurkLUG has tens of members from many cities in Turkey.

Annual Creation Contest

TurkLUG has an annual creation contest which starts in january and ends in february. There are no theme or part limits but only original LEGO parts must be used in creations. Decals, cords and other minor modifications are accepted though. Virtual models created by LDD and other CAD software are not elligible for prizes or rating.


Gezgin is the travelling figure of the community. He is shipped to members in a rotation and he has visited 11 cities in 6 countries so far. Every rotation takes one month then Gezgin is shipped to the next member in line. He got lost once in his adventures and an identical twin of him has been taking his place since October 2009. His photographs with members may be found in the community web site.

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