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Timmy was one of the first minifigs with a nose.

Timmy[1] is a minifig, first introduced in the Time Cruisers theme. Before becoming a Time Cruiser, Timmy was just a regular kid. Because he was good at building things, he started helping Dr. Cyber with his inventions. His favorite time cruise?...helping Exploriens decode alien clues. (Info from LEGO Mania Magazine). He has been the butt of a lot of good humored ribbing by ALEs because:

  • Time Cruisers as a theme was seen by many fans as a collection of random spare parts, not very well executed, and clearanced rather quickly. The follow-on theme Time Twisters, which did not include a Timmy minifig, seemed to do even worse in stores.
  • The Timmy Head appeared in many other sets, mainly Freestyle and Basic tubs. As a result, fans accumulated many copies of the Timmy figure.
  • Timmy is a rather goofy looking minifig. His face is that of a young and freckled boy with a rather vapid expression on it.
  • Making fun of Timmy was fun in its own right and as more fans did it, it took on a running joke aspect.

The Timmy minifig also has special characteristics in the BrikWars game due to his (un)popularity. [2]

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