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Welcome to BrickWiki!

Brickwiki aims to be an open content LEGO Encyclopedia, where anyone can create and edit content about LEGO Bricks. The purpose of this site is to provide a place for new and veteran fans of LEGO to share information, ideas, links, methodologies, or any information. We hope this will serve as a sort of "electronic warehouse" of LEGO knowledge.

LEGO Bricks are a line of construction toys made by The LEGO Group, used to construct models and shapes of every variety. The bricks interlock in a very sturdy manner, allowing strong designs to be built without worrying about construction tools. LEGO Bricks are favorites of people of all ages.

If you are adding/editing content, please create yourself a user account, so that we can gauge interest in this project and so that you can have your own preferences and a user page. You can make an account with the link in the far top right of the page. Creating an account allows you to maintain a user page and to receive credit for your contributions.

If this is your first time using a wiki, try creating some content in the Sandbox. If you need help using a wiki, read the Help page first. If you have any questions or need further help, feel free to contact User:Venkatesh or User:Astronouth7303.

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I created a prototype for a new main page. Any feedback and/or improvements would be welcome. This current layout was supposed to be a temporary one, not to last long at all.

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BrickWiki (on Meta) - Page to discuss technical and management aspects of BrickWiki, including project proposals and requests for new languages. Also, any bugs/technical issues you find go there.

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