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Same as ImageBox except that {{{ImageName}}} is a full URL and the image is not thumbnailed. It is not displayed at all due to the potential for copyright violation and abuse of the hosting server. A hyperlink is displayed instead. It is preferable to obtain permission to use the image and upload it to BrickWiki, then display it using Template:ImageBox. Nonetheless it can be used temporarily as it can be easily modified to display an internal image which is far preferable to using external images. Currently BrickWiki has permission to directly embed use images from Peeron and Brickshelf. For those sites, Template:ImageBoxPeeron and Template:ImageBoxBrickshelf should be used.



Brickish logo  
Please note: This image may not fall under any copyleft-style copyright (such as Creative Commons or GPL) and as such, reproduction is potentially illegal.

{{ImageBoxExt|ImageName=http://www.brickish.org/components/images/branding/smalllogo.png|ImageText=Brickish logo}} gives the image box at right.

Example Article

This template is used on the Brickish Association page.

Adding Image Hosting Sites

If you would like to add a site to those which allow direct embedding of images, make a suggestion in Brickwiki:Open Questions.

Nice Work!!!

I was hacking to try to get this particular image to work natively in the brickish entry but did not suss it, glad you did! Making it flexible to allow easy replacement is goodness. Should it have Question on both this one and the other, is thumbing and specifying a size a good idea??? I think there's a way to trick it into doing it even if parms weren't passed but it would be icky.

I have questions about images and how I set the templates up, starting to think I did things too inflexibly, but I'll ask those elsewhere... ++Lar 10:22, 7 August 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)

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