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Bare pathways with people but no buildings
image gallery

gallery owner (lar)

From Brickshelf Copyright held by Brickshelf user lar.

Help text for template ImageBoxBrickshelf

This is a special imagebox template that works with Brickshelf images. rather than giving it the full path, you separate the path from the filename so the template can reference the thumbnail but give a link to the full image.

For example this is the source that gives the box at right.

ImageText= Bare pathways with people but no buildings|


  • ImageGallery is the gallery path
  • ImageOwner is the first bit of the gallery path (until the first /)
  • ImageFilename is the name of the file (to find these two when you are in the Brickshelf gallery, click through till you have a bare image showing)
  • ImageText is whatever comment you want to give.

This gives the result shown at right.

Username separate?

This is cool! Do you think it would be useful to split the username and directory, so the copyright notice can provide a link to the contributor's top-level Brickshelf gallery, eg: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/lar ? The only reason I ask is that it's possible at any given time, the image directory may be awaiting modertion, having the extra link just gives another possible avanue to check out where its from. Something like "From Brickshelf Copyright held by the original uploader, <Username>" with Username being the link to their entire gallery. ROSCO 17:04:48, 2005-09-23 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Unfortunately that would break all the usages of this template given the inability of MW to deal with optional template variables. What we could do is make a new template copied from this one called eg. ImageBoxBrickshelfDetailed which would contain more information. Tim 17:14, 23 September 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Then do a "where used" and change every invocation of one to the other, editing them as you go, till the where used shows none of the old one used. I think maybe we need a "cleanup" page like Wikipedia has, to manage various cleanup projects? (the basic idea ROSCO gives is good... sorry I didn't think of it when I first did it) PS, what does moving a template do, I wonder??? maybe that's a way to do it better? ++Lar 17:53, September 23, 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)
OK another possibility is to write an extension that defines a "BrickshelfUsernameLink" tag (feel free to come up with a shorter name), that you just pass the current variable. It could just grab up to the first slash, and generate the link, so in the template you could have <BrickshelfUsernameLink>{{{ImageGallery}}}</BrickshelfUsernameLink> and it would generate the necessary link for you. Not sure if that's the best approach though. ROSCO 18:11:57, 2005-09-23 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Done! Rosco and I changed all (except for your and my talk page Lar) Tim 18:52, 23 September 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)
What was done? It sounds cool, whichever, but I didn't quite grasp whether you wrote an extension (didn't think that would work??? templates and extensions didn't mix at all??? ) or just powered through all the changes... Thanks in either case... ++Lar 23:45, September 25, 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Brickshelf discontinued?

Should we look at updating all pages that use this template? Is there an easy way to get a list of those? I have updated the template to display a message about Brickshelf. ROSCO 04:28, 15 July 2007 (EDT)

What Links Here while viewing the template should get a list of all pages that use a particular template, or more generally link to a particular page, I believe. I think it may be OK to revert the changes to this template (or perhaps change it to say that it MAY be a good idea to obtain and archive images??) given recent status changes. ++Lar: t/c 02:11, 27 July 2007 (EDT)
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