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Set: {{{1}}}
Peeron Bricklink
Lugnet Brickset


This is a general template to be used in any article that references a particular set. It is NOT intended to capture info about the set, just to give links to the major information databases (Peeron, BrickSet, Lugnet, Brickshelf)

If you are doing the main set article you want template:SetBox instead.

Usage Notes

This example is for the 4558 Metroliner set... type the following: {{SetLinks|4558}}

Set: 4558
Peeron Bricklink
Lugnet Brickset

and get this (it formats to go to the right...). If you need to do more than one set reference, they stack horizontally, which is convenient. You may need a {{clear}} after the last one.

Note, as with all right side template items, put the template before the text you want to the left of it.

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