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No Longer Accurate/Out of Date

Server Hardware
Server Update Log


The Brickwiki server is currently running Folding@home, for the username Venkatesh, team 0. If there is interest, we could form a team for ourselves.

IBM History Flow

I recently downloaded and began to experiment with a copy of IBM's History Flow tool, which can map changes across different versions of textual items. It was the tool that was used to generate those awesome maps of Wikipedia, highlighted on slashdot a while back. The publically released, downloadable version does not support working with Mediawiki, but instead only textfiles and/or MoinMoin Wiki pages. However I don't doubt that a Mediawiki plugin exists, since Wikipedia has been mapped in the past. I have contacted the people behind this and and I am hoping they will help us. If we can get that going, we can have live or some-what regularly updated History flows of each article, which would be an incredible tool.

If anyone knows any other ways to interface History Flow and Mediawiki, please tell me.

Old outstanding issues

* All SMTP work from Mediawiki fails - fixed 11/14/2005

  • MediaWiki needs to be upgraded to 1.9 (VEC needs to be upgraded before this happens)

* PHP needs to be upgraded to 5.0.5 * Apache seems to have some kind of memory leak - mem usage at idle starts at 400MB, after a week, drifts to 450/500MB. A quick Apache restart takes care of this; maybe it should be automated to happen every weekend?

Old DB Dumps

Database Dumps are located at and generated daily at 10:00pm EST. Image dumps are also generated daily, at 11:00pm EST. The first two DB dumps were made in the native MySQL 4.1 format. Any ones after that use the MySQL 4.0 format, for compatibility.

Both reference dumps and live (daily) dumps are available.

Note of 12/29/2005: Regular DB dumps have been on hold for the past week, they will return very shortly.

This seems to be broken Tim 13:04, 6 April 2007 (EDT)
I'll take a look at them really soon; sorry for all the messes. -vs
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