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Over the years The LEGO Group has won various awards including the following.


Reputation Award

In May 2007, the Reputation Institute listed LEGO as the most reputable company in the world. The Reputation Institute is a New York based consultancy and research firm that has been giving out this award for eight years now. This year, the Walt Disney Company was listed at Number 38 and Johnson and Johnson was listed at 35.

Charles Fombrun, executive director of the Reputation Institute explained that LEGO was off track a few years ago when ventured into online gaming and movies. They didn’t manage those areas well. They suffered financially, and the brand became diluted. There was some bad press and some leader leadership changes. Now there's more stability Other companies which moved up the list attribute their success to their ongoing dialog with their customers.

The Reputation Institute surveyed more than 60,000 people online in 29 countries. Participants could only vote on companies based in the country where they live, so only the Danes could vote for LEGO. Of the 600 companies, the mean score was 60 points. LEGO received the high score of 85.

To determine a company's reputation, the Institute surveyed consumers on seven factors that contribute to a firm's reputation: (1) products and services, (2) innovation, (3) workplace, (4) governance, (5) citizenship, (6) leadership and (7) performance. For the first time, voters counted citizenship as having the strongest effect on reputation, possibly because products, services and innovation used to be a single category.

Mike Lawrence is the executive vice president of a strategy and communications agency that specialized in building brand trust (Cone LLC). According to him, trust and relationships are important components to a company's success, in large part because today's technologies make it possible for an unhappy customer to inspire people 20,000 miles away to boycott and inundate a CEO's e-mail inbox.


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