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A superstub is an article which contains little or no information. It has probably been created as a suggestion that such an article should exist. Please add to any such articles, even if it just enough to make it into a stub. To see a list of superstubs go to category:superstubs.

It's a judgement call whether an article is a stub or a superstub but if all it has is a link or two and a one sentence definition, it's probably the former, if it doesn't even have that, it's the latter... if it's grown to almost a page or so, maybe it's not even a stub any more... just use good judgement and don't worry.

Using the Superstub template

To make an article a superstub you need to use something called a Template. Copy or type the following into the body of an article (usually at the very bottom) and automatically the Text will appear and the article will be added to the category.

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