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This page serves as a sort of quick guide to style and contains many of the Conventions of BrickWiki in a convenient form. It serve as a reference to the conventions but it is recommended that you check the conventions page or its discussion page if in doubt.


Guide to spelling

  • There are two main spelling styles in English, US and UK (or Commonwealth as it is sometimes called). Typically people from Europe and the Commonwealth spell in the UK style and people from the USA and Asia spell in the US style.
  • As a general rule try to maintain the same spelling style as already appears on a page. This means that if you see the word 'color', leave it be and continue to use US style whereas if you see 'colour' try to continue in the UK style.
  • When starting a new page you get to choose the spelling style. If their are alternate spellings of the title, try to make a redirect page from the other spelling.
  • When in doubt don't worry, just write what you know and someone else will fix it.

Guide to nomenclature

General nomenclature

  • The words bricks, elements and pieces are all used in BrickWiki to collectively describe the parts of the LEGO (and other brands) building system. Please wikify (surround in square brackets like so: [[bricks]]) the first use of any word.

LEGO nomenclature

  • The word LEGO should be spelt in capital letters on BrickWiki. The trademark and copyright symbols are implied throughout the site.
  • LEGO should only be used to describe the company name, or as an adjective. Thus, one can build with LEGO bricks but not with LEGO.
  • The term LEGOs as a collective noun for LEGO bricks is considered incorrect and should not be used on BrickWiki.
  • LEGO describes sets using the format Set Title (Set Number) which BrickWiki has chosen to emulate as a convention.

Country specific nomenclature

  • If you know that an object is described by one word in one English dialect and another word in another, please put the alternative in brackets after the first word. You can specifiy the country(ies) if you so desire. eg. Many people like to build LEGO trucks (lorries, UK).

Guide to images

Guide to templates

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