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This article is about unit of measurement. For Sydney LUG or building brick studs go to Studs or Stud (part of element) respectively.

When used in the context of measurement stud refers to a length of 20 LDU or the width of one plate. Approximately 8 millimeters in distance this should not be confused with the Stud (part of element) which is the knob, pip or bump that rises from the surface of the plate to connect with other elements.


The two most common usages are as measures of width (something is x-wide) or as a measure of footprint or square footage. Standard Trains are often described as 6-wide. The standard large baseplate is 10 inches x 10 inches but is more often referred to as a 32x32 studs baseplate for the number of studs. The Base8 modular landscaping standard uses an 8x8 studs baseplate as the unit upon which landscapes can be built cooperatively

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