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Website URL (was
Services and activities Online: information.
Real Life: none
Year founded 2007
Membership type(s) None
Membership cost N/A
Target audience Mature
Discussion groups? Yes

Stajinaria was a website that was intended for a mature audience.

Stajinaira was a group of LEGO enthusiasts who were not geographically centred but worked together through online communication. After the demise of JLUG, a need for a new discussion and chat venue, with a similar open and welcoming atmosphere, was identified by Leigh Holcombe. Leigh Holcombe quickly established a forum called JLUG2 which was later renamed and expanded to Stajinaria.

Technical Information

Stajinaria Forum was based on the open-source phpBB bulletin board package. Using BBCode, users could apply formatting to their forum posts.

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